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Tree hugging hippy ,family means everything, love words like, supermegafoxyawesomehot, fab,groovy, love Glee, books,& Dali was a pretty cool dude. Darren&Chris are my heroes

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amykuney : sometimes I’m not mad at boys @darrenCriss
amykuney : sometimes I’m not mad at boys @darrenCriss

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Can’t believe I’m signing this wall, above one of my favorite bands, at one of my favorite radio stations, in one of my favorite places in the WHOLE.WIDE.WORLD.

Good to be back, Go blue!

Darren Criss :) !”

Ann Arbor’s 107 one | June 13, 2013 (x)

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#tbt to Darren Criss at LeakyCon 2011

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Blaine Anderson + cardigans

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Purple Sunset by DnlPhotoLab on Flickr.


Darren Criss + Orange Is The New Black cast

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klaine + simple. real. unadorned.

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